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What is Get Golf Ready? 

Get Golf Ready is designed to teach everything you'll need to play golf in just a few lessons.  Our PGA Professionals will show you that there are lots of ways to play by combining fun, friends and fitness.

Each session will focus on the various golf skills you will use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you will be guided onto the golf course to put your skills into action in a casual, friendly setting.

No equipment needed!

Get Golf Ready offers expert instruction designed for new golfers, with five easy, fun and affordable lessons from our PGA Professional. You’ll enjoy learning the basics of golf—Rules, etiquette, fundamentals and navigating the course. By the time you “graduate,” you’ll have the tools necessary to get out and play with confidence!

Real, on-course playing opportunities are the best way to increase your comfort level, and that’s what makes Get Golf Ready so much fun. If you can join friends and colleagues that you already know, you’ll love it even more!

Once you’re out on the course, you’ll quickly see that people are enjoying the experience. Just wait ‘til the feeling you’ll have of watching the ball fly up in the air off your club.

Get ready for good times and great fun —

Get Golf Ready I
Dates TBD
Get Golf Ready II
Dates TBD

To book your spot online, Click HERE

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