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What is remote Coaching?

In todays fast moving world of technology there are many options to learn this great game.  Yes you can find any golf instruction video out there but how do you know it is right for you?  How do you know you are practicing the right things?  Is there any feedback from a golf professional associated with this instruction?

This is where Director of Instruction Michael Rothera, PGA can help.    If you are a current or future student of mine you will be able to have lesson notes archiving from your in person lessons, direct smart chat with your professional, video review and more!

This is a blended learning approach — a mix of in-person and digital instruction. While traditional in-person lessons result in only 9% student retention on average, blended learning programs increase mastery by 60% in 60% less time spent.

Whether or not you are one of my full time students or just looking for a coach to help your game grow, these remote coaching options are for you.  You will receive exclusive coaching drills and a lesson archiving feature that you will be able to look back on so you never forget what happened in the lesson.

The goal is to create a better experience for each student to meet both short- and long-term goals.

Michael Rothera, PGA

Director of Instruction

Pinehills Golf Club

Student Membership

  • Access to Coaching app

  • Following each in person lesson you will receive a voiceover and notes with the most important points

  • Exclusive content, drills, and articles.

  • 1 Remote coaching session video review

  • $30 per month (billed monthly until canceled)

$30 monthly membership

Player Development Membership

  • Same benefits as Student membership

  • Lesson Archiving

  • Digital swing analysis (2)

  • Exclusive content, drills, and articles

  • Private 45 min in person lesson per month

  • $125 per month (billed monthly until canceled)


$125 monthly membership

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