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Our Mission

Pinehills PGA golf professionals are dedicated to providing instruction and instruction programs to golfers of all abilities.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality learning environment to make your experience fun and productive.  The learning process is made easier with video analysis, practice routines, drills and an overall understanding of the game.  We strive to give each student an improvement plan for their game and learn how to play the game of golf, not play a golf swing.  Experience the Pinehills Golf Academy and take your game to a new level!


Our Team

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Level 1 Certified

Michael Rothera, PGA
Director of Instruction
Mike Rothera has been a member of the PGA since 2001.  While working at in all facets of the golf business, he has focused his attention on coaching and teaching golf at Pinehills for over 15 years.  
Michael's philosophy is simple, "provide a service that will improve the students knowledge of the game in a fun and relaxed atmosphere."   He creates a plan for his students with a blend of technology and basic fundamentals to make the learning process enjoyable.  He believes that there is not one method to swing the club and will work hard to find each individuals path.  This will be achieved by measuring each student to find each individuals biomechanical way to swing the club.  
While coaching golfers of all abilities, Michael continues building relationships within the community and providing programs for everyone.  Michael's mission for growing the game through junior programs has been a strong focus and continues drives his passion for teaching.  
US Kids Golf Certified Instructor

Russell Quigg

Golf Professional

Russell started his career as a golf professional in 2003 after attending PGTCA school later the PGA program in Florida. Russell's first job was at Crosswinds Golf Club in Plymouth MA. In 2005 he opened On The Tee Indoor Golf in Plymouth MA. For the past 5 years, Russell has been working as an assistant pro at Pinehills Golf Club. Russell has taught 1000s of lessons from beginners to tour-level players.


Russ loves working with his students' individual swings to help them enjoy the game of golf to their fullest. Russell is happily married to his wife Traci and has 3 children, Braley, Jackson, and Ty.

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Level 1 Certified

Looking for new clubs?

Andrew Gildea

Golf Professional

Andrew started playing golf at 4 years old and has not put the club down for the last 28 years. He has worked as a professional golf coach for the last 11 years in both the U.S. and abroad and has given thousands of hours of lessons to students ranging from absolute beginners to aspiring tour professionals. 


Andrew understands that the game means different things to different people, but everyone who comes to take a lesson has the same goal: Make the game more enjoyable through improvement. Whether you’d like a quick fix or a long-term development plan, Andrew has the know-how to help you achieve your goals - and enjoy the process!

Andrew is technologically savvy and loves employing the newest tech in his lessons. However, he himself would undoubtedly be described as a “feel” player and knows the benefits of stepping away from screens and focusing on the process. 


Solid fundamentals are the best path towards a more consistent swing. Consistent swings are the best path towards reliable outcomes. Reliable outcomes are the best path towards lower scores. Let’s do this!

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