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Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids are many and range from confusing to wonderful.  The key question is are they worth it?  While it is always our recommendation to see a golf professional at Pinehills Golf Academy to analyze your swing, sometimes the proper training aid for your prescribed swing fault is great feedback.  The key to finding the correct training aid for you is to first know the swing principles you need to work on.  Once you understand which swing principle is causing your performance problems, then you can select the proper training aid that can truly help you improve!

If you don't know or need help finding the right one for you, feel free to contact us at


Pinehills Golf Academy favorites:

  • Orange Whip

  • Slingshot

  • Impact bag

  • Eyeline Golf (putting aids)

  • Tour Striker Smart Ball

  • Super Speed Golf

  • and lots more!

*Use code pinehills10 for 10% off!

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